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Anonymous whispered:So now season 11 was confirmed, what does that mean for the 3-arc structure, and destiel? 




Assuming it does happen and isn’t a rumor or pr maneuver? Nothing. It’s still a 3 act structure for 8/9/10 just as 3/4/5 were a 3 act structure, and some form of Dean and Cas winding up together in a profound bond-based relationship is still narrative endgame (explicit confirmation or denial of E/V love as the variable) whether endgame occurs at season 10 or season 25.

Adam Glass said on twitter that se11 is not confirmed. That was 2 days ago though.

It would certainly be a very unusual time for it to occur in terms of the network calendar.

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why am i laughing


yoohoo big summer blow out

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so true, I am a massive tool

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#i really don’t know which face is funnier in the last one

#wait am i his dad
#wait are you my dad

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    What most people don’t know, that they should, is that practically every food you buy in a store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food. There are no wild seedless watermelons, there’s no wild cows, there’s no long-stem roses growing in the wild …

We have systematically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables and animals, that we have eaten ever since we cultivated them. It’s called artificial selection. That’s how we genetically modify them. So now that we can do it in a lab, all of a sudden, you’re going to complain?

So we are creating and modifying the biology of the world to serve our needs. I don’t have a problem with that because we’ve been doing that for tens of thousands of years. So, chill out.
Neil deGrasse Tyson to anti-GMO advocates  (via micdotcom)
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Me: you can talk to me whenever you feel bad! I'll always be there for you
Me: *bottles up problems* *doesnt talk about it with anyone* *lays in bed instead of trying to solve my own problems*
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World’s most graceful animal.

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i changed my okcupid profile to say “you should message me if you know any good jokes about giraffes” and someone responded “you, a baby, and a giraffe walked into a bar, and then you walked out with me! ;) ;)” and i’m so angry because that doesn’t even make sense, there is ZERO adherence to structural joke norms, why the fuck is the baby there? did we leave the baby at the bar? jesus christ, did we fucking leave the baby with the fucking giraffe, that is NOT RESPONSIBLE

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